Pre-conception, Antenatal and Postnatal Care

  • Antenatal care is shared between midwives and hospital consultants.
  • Clinics are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please book your appointment when your pregnancy is confirmed.
  • Please note that the best time for ‘antenatal care’ is before you become pregnant.  Please come and see either your Practice Nurse or Health Visitor for pre-conception advice and preventative measures i.e. folic acid, diet and smoking status.  You may wish to discuss your Rubella status, as a small percentage of people lose their Rubella immunity.

Breastfeeding Clinic

There is good evidence that breast-feeding is best for babies, it will reduce the likelihood of  developing many childhood illnesses and may even increase their IQ.

Child Health Surveillance

Children under five years are seen regularly by the doctor and/or health visitor for routine development checks.  Your health visitor will advise you when to attend or you may receive an appointment by post.

Smoking Cessation

The practice encourages smokers to quit.  Please visit your local Pharmacy where you will receive counselling and nicotine replacement therapy, if appropriate.

Children’s Immunisations

The practice offers all current immunisations.

We encourage mothers to bring their children to the practice clinic rather than the local authority one as this helps to keep accurate records and advice on further care.

This clinic is held weekly and you should receive an invite from the computer recall system.  If this is unsuitable please speak to your doctor who will be able to arrange an alternative time.

Diabetic Clinic

There is a diabetic clinic held every Wednesday afternoon.  This is run by a GP, practice nurse and dietitian.

This clinic will concentrate on Type 2 diabetics (diabetics who are on tablets rather than insulin).  Other diabetic patients will be seen if required.

The appointments will be by invitation only.

Diabetes is a complex illness, which can cause damage to several parts of the body.  It increases the chance of serious illness e.g. heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, stroke and circulation problems by several fold.

Good treatment often involves several medications and lifestyle changes which substantially reduces the risk of these complications.

Extended Hours Service

We now provide a pre booked morning surgery with GPs and the Nurse practitioner on Monday, Wednesday and Friday  between 7.30 and 8.30 am for patients who find it difficult to access services due to work commitments.  Please note access to blood tests is not possible during this period.

Minor Ailment Clinic

We now provide surgeries for minor ailments, run by our specialist nurse practitioner.

Hypertension Clinic

High blood pressure is one of the risk factors for heart attack, heart failure and stroke.  There is no single cause of developing high blood pressure.  It is usually a combination of factors.  It is recommended that you should have your BP checked every year, especially if you are over 40.

Please attend the practice nurse for a BP check and advice about your life stlye.

The clinic is run by our practice nurses.  Once the diagnosis is made, baseline bloods and heart tracing are assessed, your doctor may put you on treatment.  Treatment for high blood pressure is long term.  Please do not stop taking the tablets without consulting your doctor.

Asthma and COPD Clinic

This clinic is run by our practice nurses with regular input from doctors.

Please attend as advised to have regular checks on your lung function, inhaler technique and medications.

Please note that it is very important to use your preventer inhaler on a regular basis to reduce the likelihood of acute asthma attacks.

Drug Monitoring Clinic (Salazopyrin etc)

This is a clinic run by a practice and Treatment Room nurse.  Please attend the Treatment Room for your blood test and contact the practice at least 2 working days after for the result.  If an urgent dose change is required a doctor or a nurse will contact you as soon as we are notified by the hospital laboratory.

Cervical Cytology and Well Woman Clinic

Every woman between the age of 25 and 49 should have a smear every three years. Women aged 50-64 should have a smear every five years. This picks up minor abnormalities which can be easily treated and therefore prevent cancer developing.

The practice nurse does several clinics a week so you should be able to arrange a suitable time.  Please make an appointment at reception.

Well Man Clinic

There is no separate clinic but if you have concerns about your health, please visit your GP, practice nurse or treatment room nurse by appointment.

Minor Surgery

Dr Taylor performs numerous joint and soft tissue injections by appointment. Please see receptionist. Please also see receptionist for appointment at the Wart Clinic.

Family Planning Clinic

A special family planning clinic is run for the insertion of IUCD (coil) and contraceptive implants/injections. Oral contraception and depo- can be obtained at a routine appointment with your nurse or doctor.  Please do not make an appointment with the doctor, only to receive an injection for contraception purposes.

Travel Clinic

Unfortunately at the moment there is a supply problem with travel vaccines and they can only be obtained from travel clinics. Ask your Pharmacist about antimalarial medication.

Treatment Room Service

A nurse is present 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 9.00am – 12noon on a Wednesday in our twin bay Treatment Room.  She carries out dressings, treatment of minor injuries, injections, blood tests etc.  She also assists the doctor in minor surgery and can act as a chaperone when this is required.

X-ray and Physiotherapy

Both of these services are available at Wishaw General Hospital and Motherwell Health Centre.  Your doctor will refer you when appropriate.